Monday, 27 March 2017

Prep for BABE 2017

If you're in the Bristol area next weekend pop in, BABE 2017 has lots to see including loads of wonderful bookish work, a mini exhibition, performances, book making workshops . . . it would be great to see you. I'll be in gallery 3 

Working to a deadline is always creative and kind of concentrates the mind. At the tail end of last year I had loads of time (where has it gone!) and now in the final few remaining day I'm gonna have to do some serious binding.

These images are from proofing in early February.

Inspired by the sound of curlews calling in the early dawn (as I lay in my cosy, warm bed) I imagined who else might be listening to them at that time of the day. I thought about someone waiting on the sea wall for a boat to come in . . . waiting for the tide to turn.

Tidesman, is a customs officer who waited the arrival of a vessel.

Making masks and planning registration on the press.
A morning playing with colour when I'd lost my sense of direction! . . .
back on track colour wise.

Monday, 8 August 2016

The trusty Adana is all fired up!

The Adana is oiled and all fired up and I've been making some book-club inspired greeting cards. 

These will be added to card stocks for book and art fairs for the coming months. Next, designing Christmas cards . . .

Thursday, 4 August 2016

A cup of Tea ? . .

Beneficence was made, got wrapped, and then accompanied me to a number of book fairs were it was well received (I'm glad to say).

Beneficence, of a person generous or doing good, which is often what is happening when we offer friends a cup of tea. And what I'm trying to achieve by using various, and bright colours, for the covers is to connect with feelings of warmth and optimism.

For various reasons (if you're curious please visit my old blog) I haven't posted any blogs in over a year, but now Teacup Press is back, although I still do need to build a studio!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Cup of Tea? . . .

In May this year I worked on a new series of prints, Storms in a Teacup, a metaphor for how friends come together over a cup of tea (or coffee) and ‘put the world to rights’ whether that means supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of life, or just for a good gossip!

This has developed into pushing some ideas around for a concertina book, in which I've decided to use having a cup of tea as my subject matter, employing it again as a metaphor for social relationships. Objects already invested with meaning used to symbolise friendship, memory, ritual, intimacy and shared identities, and with this I hoped to show the narratives of family and social relationships. 

But it's taken me most of the summer to decide on a text, in fact I wasn't really getting anywhere and had rather forgotten my original point (as the text in these images shows) and it had languished on a shelf in the studio for some weeks. 

However, a comment by a friend staying with us lodged in my brain, "a cup of tea?" and I found myself using it today when working on a poem for a new series of workshops at BlueGate Poets, starting this coming weekend with Carrie Etter

And I realised, this is kind of what I want for this project. A simple, pared down narrative.

A cup of tea?
A cup of tea would be nice.
The flicker of a smile
at the now familiar refrain.

Walking to the sink,
noticing golden autumn light
slanting through distant trees,
Filling the kettle
she patiently waits for it to boil.

or, perhaps . . .

Come in, sit down.
A cup of tea?
A cup of tea would be nice.

the heavy bag from her shoulder,
accepting a chair
she pauses,
as memories brew in the pot.